Juan Pablo Ventosa Ph. D

Counselor, coach, consultant, speaker and author. Committed to learning and results. Passionate about quality conversations.

Juan Pablo Ventosa Ph. D.

The challenges that life presents us are too complex to address alone. I have supported my professional career in continuous learning from experience and working alongside valuable people.

My professional focus is on leaders, their teams and the people who are part of them. I am a firm believer that the key to success in organizations is good management of the quality of leadership, organizational culture and key talent.

My goal is to contribute to the development of people and organizations.


Guide organizations and people towards conscious and effective leadership that drives the growth and sustainability of individuals, companies and society.


Promote conscious leaders, cultivate aligned organizational cultures and enhance the value of talent through my professional services as a counselor, advisor, coach or consultant to create a sustainable impact

My value contribution:

Adviser. advisor

top management

Coach of management teams

Organizational consultant


I act honestly and consistently, respecting ethical and moral principles, in accordance with my own values.

“Integrity is the moral compass that guides our actions even when no one is watching.”

“Integrity is choosing bravery over comfort; It is choosing what is right over what is easy; It is choosing truth over convenience; and do this over and over again, even when no one is looking.” – Brene Brown

“Integrity is the consistency of internal acts, values, methods, measures and principles.” –Stephen Covey

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when it is difficult, especially when it is difficult.” –Unknown

“Integrity is the key to trust. “When you can’t trust someone, all other qualities don’t really matter.” – Zig Ziglar

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.” – C.S. Lewis

I commit to a purpose beyond tangible and measurable results. I fulfill responsibility towards a cause, objective or relationship.

“Commitment is the key to opening doors that seemed closed.”

“Commitment is what turns a dream into reality.” – Maya Angelou

“Commitment is the link that unites your intention with your action. It is the force that drives you to keep going, even when you face challenges.” –Tony Robbins

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the word that speaks with courage in the face of adversity and the will to remain true to a purpose despite obstacles.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Commitment is the ability to commit to what has been decided, even when the initial enthusiasm has worn off.” –Brian Tracy

“Commitment is the spark that ignites action. It is the force that drives you to get up every morning and work tirelessly toward your goals.” –Unknown

I contribute to generating benefits, improvements or advantages that are perceived as valuable by other people, organizations or society in general.

“Value creation lies in seeing opportunities where others see obstacles.”

“Value creation is not just doing things well, it is doing things that matter.” – Seth Godin

“Value creation is the art of turning dreams into reality. It is the process of transforming ideas into actions that generate impact and make the world a better place.” –Simon Sinek

“True greatness is in how a person uses their ability to create value in the world.” – Anne Frank

“The value of value creation lies in the ability to make a significant difference in the lives of others. It is the act of inspiring, empowering and uplifting people to reach their full potential.” –Robin Sharma

“Value creation is the foundation of every successful company.” –Warren Buffett

I understand the experiences of others, which allows me a greater understanding of the needs and requirements of different stakeholders.

“A leader not only leads, but also learns to listen to the heartbeat of the team.”

“Empathy is a powerful force that can change the world. It is the act of listening with the heart, understanding with the mind, and responding with compassion.” - Barack Obama

“Empathy is the key that opens the doors of understanding and human connection. “It is the ability to walk in another person's shoes and see the world through their eyes.” - Oprah Winfrey

“Empathy is a reminder of our shared humanity. “It allows us to recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences with compassion and acceptance.”

“Empathy is not just a skill, it is a conscious choice to open our hearts to the experience of others. It is the act of showing genuine interest and understanding toward others.”

“Empathy is the glue that unites humanity. “It allows us to connect with others on a deeper level and build stronger, more meaningful relationships.” – Brene Brown

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